The Steven Hunter Youth Foundation

 The Steven Hunter Youth Foundation was created to build character, confidence and accountability in the youth of Fountain Hills through sports and mentoring.Our goal is to be a strong community-driven organization that ensures the proper development of our youth with the help of positive role models, and having an active and meaningful lifestyle through sports and teamwork. 

Goals are to provide:

  • Youth Basketball
  • Lifeskills & Mentoring Classes
  • Tutoring

 These goals are put into place to provide a safe haven for our youth through after school sports programs. We will strive to keep our youth motivated and driven to become better academically, athletically and socially.
How do we reach these goals?

Help Our Cause

 Community Volunteers: Coaches, Mentors and Tutors will all play a huge part in our success. We will seek out the most motivated and qualified individuals to serve our youth through the Steven Hunter Youth Foundation. Fundraising: Local businesses will have the honor of sponsoring a local youth team of there choice. Our goals can’t be accomplished without the help of our local Buisness community. We will ask our community of fountain hills to rally behind this great cause!  

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